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Warning! Danger! Caution!
Horrific "CryptoShuffler" malware is going to steal your Bitcoin

Could you ever imagine that the good old copy&paste is fraught with serious risk for your cryptocurrency well-being? Well, it is! As reported by Kaspersky security lab, crypto users are threatened by a new menace called CryptoShuffler. It has already robbed people across the globe of more than $150,000.

CryptoShuffler utilizes a simple, yet effective trick. Once you've caught it somewhere on the Web, it loads itself into memory and starts to monitor clipboard activity. When users make a transaction, they usually copy & paste the recipient's wallet address — it's way quicker than entering it bit by bit. CryptoShuffler detects it, intercepts the clipboard content and replaces the right ID with a fraud one. User taps "Send" — attackers get the profit!

The malware keeps really low profile: no pop-ups, no suspicious activity or performance decrease. Stealthy beast! But there definitely are some ways to outsmart greedy crypto thieves:

Double-check wallet ID. It's easy to spot a fraud, but you've got to pay some attention.
Consider entering addresses manually instead of just copying & pasting it. It takes time, but it's safe.
Act smart during your online sessions, don't invite danger with careless clicking and downloading.

That's pretty much it!

Stay safe and use CryptoTab — we are not here to steal, but protect and secure 😀

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