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Where & how to find new affiliates
Klondike for your mining network

Apple users can be a real gold mine for those looking for a new source of mining network participants. CryptoTab products have just recently become available to iOS & macOS device owners; many of them are still unaware of the opportunity to mine crypto right in the browser window. Be the first to bring them happy news! The total number of Apple users is approaching two billion people — it would be a great mistake to miss the audience of that scale.

How to reach Apple users

Use targeted posts & ads

Most of the major social media platforms and ad networks allow specifying the audience for your message depending on device type and OS. Use it to your advantage!

Catch them at home

There are lots of Apple communities out there — like forums on or local Facebook groups. Why not go for a visit?

Use specified content

Do not hesitate to customize pre-made CryptoTab Promo materials in order to make it more suitable and convincing for Apple device owners.

CryptoTab Promo Guide

Take some tips from our Promo Guide — it’ll help you to achieve better results, and, at the end of the day — higher income from CryptoTab!

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