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How to use promo materials to maximize gain
CryptoTab Promo Guide

CryptoTab Promo is the weapon of choice in your battle for higher passive income. Shining bright, it will attract allies under your banners and fill their hearts with courage and hope. Use it wisely!

Here is what you'll find in the armory:

Icons & logos

Interface screenshots

Desktop & mobile banners

Promo post pictures

Landing pages

Text for social media & messenger

And there are some quick do's and don’ts to make it even more powerful and effective.

Use different links

You can use as many referral links as you wish. It's pretty useful when you are trying to figure out how effective each of your promo channels is. It also lets you divide affiliates into several groups to test out different promo tools.

Focus on the best channels

Once you are done with the first promo campaign — analyze the results. What worked best — newsletters, messages, landing pages? Put the most effort into channels that gave you the most active participants — but don't forget about the rest.

Be creative

While CryptoTab Promo materials are made by professionals and totally ready to use, there always is a space for your own creativity. Feel free to modify, customize, and personalize promo materials to meet your audience's needs and preferences — you are the only one who knows it best.

Don't underestimate video content

Video content is one of the most powerful ways to attract, convince and persuade people — you definitely don't want to overlook this amazing tool. Fortunately, we already have a bunch of cool video explainers — don’t hesitate to use it wherever you can.

Don't be too intense

Last but not least: do not overdo all this promo stuff. When you start bombing followers with all of your strong arguments and fiery speeches, you get the results exactly opposite of the desired. People don't like to be pushed around — so the real trick is to be subtle and respectful to others. That's the way to go!

Try CryptoTab Promo — it is the key to a well-developed mining network & higher income!

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