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Easy way to speed mining up
To get passive income - be active

Passive income is not just a myth or a fancy buzz word—it is a reality which can easily become yours. But in order to obtain high & stable passive income, you should take some actions. Don't worry—they are exceedingly simple.

Minimize your CryptoTab Browser window, then open it again. Noticed anything? The mining speed was about 2-3 times lower than usual. That's due to the mining algorithm peculiarities and OS restrictions: CryptoTab just can't fully use your PC resources when the window is inactive. Or maybe it just needs some attention from you 😉

Well, the conclusion is pretty simple: browse more - get more! CryptoTab is not just a mining software with some sidekick web functionality. It is a full-featured browsing companion that makes you surf sessions truly pleasant and safe. So don't hesitate—use it to the full potential and enjoy your income skyrocketing.

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Published: July 1, 2019

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