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Huge improvements to CryptoTab Affiliate
Be the one in control

The ultimate tool for growing and managing your mining network has just become even handier and more powerful! CryptoTab Affiliate dashboard now offers endless possibilities to monitor your network, build up your expanding strategy and assess the income from different user groups. And of course, it brings in some workflow enhancements and cool eye-candies!

UI improvements

New sharing system

Now you can easily choose a landing page to share with your possible affiliates from the extended set of pre-made promo materials.

Payment history

There now is a detailed record of all your withdrawal requests and payments. From there you can track every satoshi, check current payment status or even cancel it.

Add links instantly

Add in a click, share in two — the main tool for getting new affiliates is now faster than light and easier to use than your own fingers.

All-new data section

"You can't control anything you can't count", right? That's why we added all that new stuff to CryptoTab dashboard:

Data charts — to make things visual & easy to follow

New metrics: clicks, downloads, installations & active users per link

Detailed statistics for a certain period: day, week, month and so on

Income estimate for each level of the mining network

Now all the controls are in your hands!

Go ahead, take a look


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