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Earn Bitcoin using Android app
CryptoTab Update: Monetize Mobile Traffic

Now you’ll get paid not only for installations of the desktop version but also for every newly accepted CryptoTab mobile user. Get a guaranteed reward of $2 for installing either Basic or PRO versions of the Android app! Attract CryptoTab mobile users and increase your income, simply as it is.

Tip: More countries—more opportunities to earn! Seize the chance and attract new users from the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, and 60 more countries all over the world.

Get paid for each new CryptoTab mobile app user!

CryptoTab has a special mobile version of the browser for secure web-surfing and accelerated mining. We have created a fast and easy mobile browser with a user-friendly interface and incredible built-in features:

Cloud Boost — multiplied speed mining

SDP feature: server-dependent mining, no battery drain

Quick access to the account for storing and withdrawing cryptocurrency

Unlimited number of connected remote devices

Balance update every 10 minutes

Unlimited funds withdrawal from 0.00001 BTC

Separate profiles for multiple users

Secure profile for public Wi-Fi

Technical support

Adaptive newsfeed

And what's more, right now you can take part in Fresh Start promotion and attract even more CryptoTab users! Especially for Fresh Start, we've made a massive update on the promotion pack, including banners, images for various devices and platforms, and a ready-made landing page. Use new promo materials to increase your chances of winning!

Download new promo materials—attract more referrals


Start earning straight away! Every single installation may bring you potentially unlimited income. All new users and those they invite up to the 10th level will bring you a percentage of revenue from the mining network. The more active miners in the network—the higher your income. Encourage users to install the Android (Basic or PRO) version of CryptoTab and get your award!

Attract mobile users—monetize your multi-geo traffic

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Published: June 9, 2020

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