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“Fresh Start” promo materials
Promo’s on us. Winning’s on you!

We know that you are already competing for the first place in the Fresh Start contest by CryptoTab. Well, you bet! This year CryptoTab increased the number of random winners:

Get your personal link on the page with the promo pack

Invite at least 3 new CryptoTab users

Five main prizes from 1000 to 100 USD

500 random participants will get $10 each

Deadline: July 15

Attracting new participants is the most important and difficult part of the competition. We've decided to take part of this burden off your shoulders. We launch a special package of materials: banners, images for various devices and social media platforms, and ready-made landing page — a whole new collection especially for the contest. Bring new people in and increase the number of users who will join CryptoTab via your personal link. Just pick the materials you like and use them to attract new participants and expand your mining network.

Check our special promo pack to maximize your odds of winning!

Whether you win $10 or $1000 — it'll still result in greater profit. Fresh Start is a win-win competition everyone will benefit from. Inviting new members with your personal link not only gives you a chance to become one of the 500 lucky ones who will get $10 but also increases the revenue from your mining network. Expand it, earn more, and increase your chances of winning!

And right now, click on the link, check out our special package for the Fresh Start promotion, choose what you like best, and use it to your own benefit!


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