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Tips on video content for CryptoTab users
Expand your mining network
Using the power of video

Video is the hottest trend right now: users watch more than 1 billion hours of video content on YouTube every single day. It has become a great income source for content creators all over the world. But things are even better for those using CryptoTab Browser. Just a couple of videos can bring you hundreds and thousands of affiliates.

That's how one it works:

Make your browser earn Bitcoins

Plain & simple video about CryptoTab Browser, 270 thousand views in less than six months. The average conversion from a viewer to a mining network member for videos of that kind is 1 to 10. Just do the math.

How to get 3924 CryptoTab referrals in a week

A good example of how low-budget, but wisely planned content can still rock it! More than 50 000 views and it goes on — odds are, the author has got a pretty decent amount of affiliates through this short video.

CryptoTab trick for 50,000+ free referrals

The video shows how to use ad networks to acquire referrals. A gold mine for those willing to invest in expanding & developing their mining network — and for the author, of course.

Inspiring, huh? Why wait — go and create some useful stuff to help your fellow miners and boost up your CryptoTab income!


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