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Easy and profitable: pay with card in the CryptoTab ecosystem
Paying with Card: Pool Miners are even more convenient and profitable

We are sure that the crypto industry is a unique place for any person to develop and gain real financial freedom. But sometimes we wish it were a little easier and a little more convenient!

Fortunately, this wish is feasible for CryptoTab ecosystem users. Pool Miners allow you to overcome the incredible hash rate of 20 million H/s and can be purchased simply with a bank card! Just a few clicks and you can enjoy your well-deserved income in BTC!

All it takes is a couple of simple steps:

  • Visit the Pool of Miners page

  • Choose the desired duration and speed

  • Select CryptoTab Coin (CTC) as Purchase Currency

  • Proceed to the CryptoTab Coin purchase window, select USD/Card as payment method and complete your currency purchase

  • Return to the Pool Miners page and finalize your purchase by paying with CTC

Voila! You've become a Pool Miner owner in a couple of minutes, and used the ecosystem's cryptocurrency to purchase it! Using this simple algorithm, you can buy any number of Pool Miners without any limitations. But this is not the only place where you can make purchases with the card. Don't forget that mining tokens in CT NFT can also be purchased for CryptoTab Coins. And very soon you will be able to make purchases in the ecosystem via Google Play. May your stay in the crypto world be more profitable!

Seems like it's time to multiply your income with Pool Miners right now!


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