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While mining efficiency rises, prices freeze
Price Freeze: It's Time to multiply your BTC!

Do you already know about the great news for all CryptoTab ecosystem users? In many ecosystem products, the process of earning BTC is based on mining Monero (XMR), which is then converted to Bitcoin (without commissions) for the convenience of users.

The complexity of XMR mining has decreased significantly in recent months. Thanks to this, the power of all mining in the ecosystem has increased. It now generates significantly more XMR at the same speed and capacity. Another trend of the last months was the growth of XMR exchange rate against BTC: conversion within the ecosystem became more profitable. But that's not the end of the good news, because the exchange rate of BTC to dollar (USD) increased as well. This means that the income of ecosystem users in USD increased in several times!

Taking into consideration these factors, we plan to revise the prices for the ecosystem products in USD.

So that users can get the most out of this situation and increase their income many times over, we're freezing prices! Hurry up and make your purchases with the price still frozen, because soon it will be revised!

The next 1,000 Pool Miners in CryptoTab Browser will be sold at the old price, not accounting for the incredible increase in mining efficiency over the last month. Pool Miners is an opportunity to break the 20,000,000 H/s mark in CTB regardless of your PC. Just imagine how your income will increase!

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With the general increase in mining efficiency and the rise of cryptocurrencies, the price of mining tokens in CT NFT is also increasing. That's why their prices will also be frozen! 100 tokens of each type in the NFTs Mining collection are already waiting for their owners to bring them incredible income!

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Hurry up, because the price freeze will multiply the income of those users who will manage to take advantage of the opportunity faster than others!

Published: Jan. 12, 2023

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