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The OrangePie unique crypto offer
Take your slice
of the OrangePie

We're glad to present to you the brand new CryptoTab partner program — OrangePie. It gives you the opportunity to monetize traffic and benefit not only from your mining network but also from each browser installation. This way you are killing two birds with one stone, getting fixed-size one-time payments plus long-term income source with no cap on earnings.

Advanced payment model

You get 2 USD for each approved CryptoTab Browser installation on Windows or macOS from the following countries:

When your affiliates invite new users — you get 30% of their commission for installations on the 1st level, 15% on the 2nd and so on.

When any of these new users get their own affiliates installing the browser — you get rewarded again. Your network can grow up to 10 levels — and your income grows along with it.

What about other countries?

Users from other locations are added to your CryptoTab mining network instead. They become the participants of the standard CryptoTab affiliate program, bringing you a percentage of cryptocurrency they mine.

Who is this program for?

The OrangePie unique crypto offer is the perfect solution to monetize your multi-geo traffic related to any theme or niche. We welcome anyone to take part in the program, but it is especially profitable for webmasters & administrators.

So, that’s the OrangePie crypto offer in a nutshell. Want to learn more before joining in? Press the button below to see the detailed overview. OrangePie is waiting, grab your slice!

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Published: Oct. 25, 2019

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