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Mining profitability has increased
New CryptoTab algorithm – up to 10x more bitcoins

CryptoTab takes it to another level! We've managed to improve and empower the very core of our service — the mining algorithm. It's the part of the CryptoTab software that affects your income the most — and now you can mine up to 10x more bitcoins compared to previous versions.

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If you were waiting for the best moment to get into cryptocurrency mining — that's it! CryptoTab Browser has never been so fast, steady, and profitable as it is now.

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Turn your PC into full-powered mining beast

"10x more bitcoins" is not just a sweet word from a marketing manager's mouth, but perhaps one of the most important updates in CryptoTab's history — you can try it yourself now! Though the income does vary depending on your speed settings, PC performance and server load, you still won't be disappointed with such an increase. No more need to save up for new hardware to max your profit — use CryptoTab, and make your wish come true.

If you were waiting for the best moment to get into cryptocurrency mining — that's it!

Smooth and stable — no matter what

What's the point of using a browser with a mining feature, if it stucks and freezes every time you switch mining on? Of course, we considered that issue even before we started developing the first version of CryptoTab — that is why the browser works smoothly even on low spec devices. With the new and improved CryptoTab algorithm, be sure to fully enjoy your time on the Web — nothing will interrupt your surfing and mining sessions.

CryptoTab Affiliate: when 10x more is just not enough

The "up to 10x" thing does not make much of an impression on you? Are you looking for some ways to earn real money? Well, we have something that might interest you. CryptoTab Affiliate is a referral program that allows you to increase your income drastically without a need to mine yourself. All you need to achieve an income level of thousands $ a month — a well-developed mining network. Check out the affiliate program website to learn more about it.

CryptoTab Browser has never been so fast, steady and profitable as it is now

Solo mining or mining network developing — it’s totally up to you. In both cases, CryptoTab will become the ultimate mining solution, not only profitable but also convenient and user-friendly. Don't just take our word for it — try it yourself!

Mine 10x more BTC

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