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CryptoTab for Android: Best Features, Best Experience

Tired of PC mining? Wanna mine in a convenient way? We’re here to arm you with the best mining tool―CryptoTab for Android―the real solution and even more real BTC you can earn with it. You will not only enjoy mining on-the-go but also get the ultimate browsing experience and more profit! We are constantly updating and improving the product, so you are sure to keep up with the edgiest technologies.

For those wanting something incredible and superspeed, we have CryptoTab Pro!

If you are already familiar with it, you are likely to appreciate that:

Cloud.Boost enables you to mine 10 times faster;

You can switch to a higher gear with even more powerful Super.Boost;

You can transfer an unlimited number of bitcoins per day, starting from the minimum cash-out amount;

CryptoTab PRO enables mining and full synchronization on all of your devices.

Now everything has changed: you surf the web faster and earn more!

If you haven’t mined with CryptoTab for Android yet, don’t hesitate! Just download it on Google Play and may your mining be profitable!

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