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Get more control over your money
Changed your mind? No problem!

Sometimes a misclick or a mistype can cost you a lot of money — but it’s not the case with the CryptoTab users anymore. Our all-mighty code wizards have just put out an update which enables payment canceling — even if it’s already been approved. Useful, huh?

When you’ve just realized that the wallet ID was wrong; when you’ve decided to mine a bit more before withdrawing; when you’ve found out a fraud — “Cancel Payment” button saves you. More confidence, less stress for our users — that’s the goal we always keep in mind here in CryptoTab.

We still strongly recommend you to double-check a withdrawal request and other payments data. But now mistakes are way less fatal. So stay calm & keep using CryptoTab — cause that’s the way to go!

Please, note!

A request can be canceled while it’s being processed by a user or CryptoTab only. Once the information about the payment has been transferred to the blockchain — it becomes technically impossible to cancel it.

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Published: 5. Juni 2019

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