Instagram creative contest

Take a picture of the CryptoTab icon — get up to $1500 USD!

Get creative to win the new CryptoTab contest! Draw, sculpt, cut out of wood, carve out of metal, assemble from a construction set, trample on a field — simply put, in any way depict the CryptoTab Browser icon — double “C” in the circle. Take a photo, post on Instagram — and get a prize!

Contest Results

Nominations and Prizes

To participate in the contest you'll need an Instagram profile, a camera, and a little imagination. We will primarily pay attention to the content of the images, not the quality, so any equipment will do the trick: a phone camera, an SLR or a film camera, even a drone — if it's what your idea requires.

The largest logo
Boxes, tires, cars or even people — compose CryptoTab icon from whatever is available. The only requirement: logo must be LARGE! The larger the work — the higher your chances of winning.
$1500 usd
The most creative photo
The most unusual, original, crazy works are appreciated here. Come up with a fresh, non-standard idea, surprise and impress us! That's the way to conquer this nomination.
$800 usd
The most stylish photo
Everything starts with an idea, but at the end of the day, it's all about execution. Demonstrate designer's approach, make your post look truly stylish and aesthetic! Your great taste will be appreciated, we promise.
$500 usd
The cutest photo
In this category, the winner is the one who'll be able to touch and melt our hearts. Take a photo that makes a soul as warm and cozy as a grandma's sweater. Hint: two cats curled up in a basket look like...
$300 usd

... and 3 additional prizes

The most creative post description
$100 usd
The most interesting story in the post
$100 usd
The most touching description
$100 usd

REMEMBER! Additional prizes can only be awarded for posts in English.

Prizes will be paid out in bitcoins. The final sum will be calculated at the rate of USD / BTC at at the time of determining the winners.

The winners in all nominations will be chosen by the jury of CryptoTab team members.

How to participate?

Just follow the instructions below — and don't forget to post a photo on your profile before November 30, 2019!

1 Recreate CryptoTab logo in real world

Make the CryptoTab icon (double “C” in the circle) from available materials. You can compose it of food or toy cubes, cut out of cardboard, draw on a wall or embroider on fabric — the possibilities are limited by your imagination only!

Download CryptoTab icon
2 Shoot a photo, post on Instagram

Take a picture of the icon and post it on your Insta page. The post should include a short description, #cryptotab, #cryptotabсс and #freebitcoin hashtags as well as your personal CryptoTab link. Like this one: The link is needed so that we can send you the prize. In addition, visitors who click on it and download the browser will become members of your mining network and hence bring your income!

3 Follow us on Instagram

To participate in the contest, you also need to subscribe to CryptoTab Instagram page.

4 Leave a comment with a link to your post

Copy the link to your post and leave it in the comments section to the post with the terms in CryptoTab profile. In addition to the link, add profiles of two Instagram friends who may be interested in CryptoTab Browser.

To copy the link — click the (...) icon in the upper right corner of your post, then select “Copy Link” from the drop-down menu. Go to CryptoTab Instagram page, find the post with contest announcement and leave a comment with the link.

By submitting a photo to the contest, you give us the right to use it in further publications — both on social media and on the company's web resources.

Please, compete fairly!

It's strictly forbidden to fake images by any means. The picture should be taken by you, not mounted or copied from other sources. If the participants send photos with the same or similar idea, we will give preference to the work, the link to which was published in the comments earlier.

The competition will run until November, 30

We will sum up the results of the contest on November 30, 2019.The IDs of the winners will be published on December 3, 2019. Want to get a prize? Hurry up!Time remaining until the end of the contest:

The special offer is valid till:
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