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Special offer for CryptoTab users
VPN & Traffic Optimizer by CryptoTab

CryptoTab product line has expanded—VPN & traffic optimizer CT VPN is already available at Google Play. The new mobile app helps protect your identity on the web, override any location-related restrictions, and save your money & data.

One of CT VPN's biggest selling points is the ability to enable protection per-app. This way you'll be always in full control of what apps will use a virtual tunnel, and what will run just as usual.

Switch countries with ease

Encrypted tunnel for your data

Stay safe both on cellular and Wi-Fi

Enable protection per-app

Unmatched speed even on mobile data

Traffic Optimizer feature

Now from the good news to a really great one. CryptoTab Browser users have a chance to get CT VPN at a huge discount of 85%! Download it now—get high-speed VPN service and other premium features for just a small fraction of the cost.

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Download the app from Google Play store

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