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Annual promo by CryptoTab
The Fresh Start

Start afresh and get richer with CryptoTab’s big giveaway! This year we’re handing out more than $ 7,000 to those who are most active inviting new users. Invite as many people as you can to win one of the 5 main prizes.

5 main prizes:

1st place


2. sıra


3. sıra


4. yer


5. sıra


+500 random $10 prizes

Take your chance, home bird!

3 easy steps:

Invite new CryptoTab users

Wait for July, 15


Well, ok, it's not that easy: you've got to get ahead of other participants. The more users you invite, the higher your odds to get one of the main rewards are. Remember: a user should sign in CryptoTab Browser in order to be counted as new. Oh, and of course, he can’t be a bot or fake or... whatever. Just real people in full consciousness, ok?

You only need to invite 3 active users to catch one of 500 random prizes, $10 each. So, even if you are not the most sociable person ever—you still have a chance to get some goodies from CryptoTab.

Waste no more time — get your personal link from the promo website, invite friends, and wait for the announcement of the winners.

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