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More comfort, stability, and security
CryptoTab on Android—the best version of itself

Using CryptoTab on your Android device? It's time for a change! We've updated CryptoTab Browser’s core Android version to the latest 83d Chromium build. Whether you use basic or PRO CryptoTab apps, now you can enjoy all the features of the browser and mine even more comfortably, safely and quickly.

The upgrade includes:

Improved interface

Built-in QR-code and Barcode reader

Browser stability

Security patches

Improved form controls

Notification triggers

Improved page rendering speed

New cross-origin policies

Third-party cookies blocked in Incognito

...and many other minor updates and bug fixes!

And if you don't go into details, we just got even better! Using CryptoTab is now even easier and safer than before. Enjoy the updated interface, taking advantage of all the Chrome features and our built-in mining.

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