İpuçları ve Haberler

CryptoTab ekosisteminizi yönetme ve bu ekosistemden daha fazla kâr elde etmeye dair faydalı ipuçlarını ve püf noktalarını inceleyin.

Mine efficiently without a break!

We know you might meet a situation when your mining has slowed down or even stopped. What to do we’re going to unfold here!

Want faster mining? Enable CT VPN!

Already know about the benefits of a CT VPN? What if we tell you that it’ll let you mine faster! Yes, you heard right. The stabler the connection–the faster is mining. With CT VPN, you’ll have a data transfer protection algorithm that ensures the stability of the connection from anywhere in the world.

Easy steps for faster mining

One of your most frequently asked questions is how to increase mining speed. We know that the number of CryptoTab products is growing, but so are your opportunities. This may seem a bit confusing, but don’t worry! It's time for us to reveal all the secrets. Although in fact, this is not a secret at all and everything is quite simple and easy.

Mine on your mobile anywhere you want

Tired of desktop mining? Wanna mine in a flexible way? We’re here to arm you with the best mining tool ― CryptoTab for Android ― the real solution and even more real BTC you can earn with it. You will not only enjoy mining on-the-go but also get the ultimate browsing experience and more profit! We are constantly updating and improving the product, so you are sure to keep up with the edgiest technologies.

Earn more while staying at home.

We know these are worrying times. 2020 is being crazy and we all need something reliable and secure. Don’t worry we get it! Stay close to your friends even while keeping the distance. Use our Affiliate program—stay together, mine together, earn together!

Don’t get ripped off–turn VPN On

We use public WiFi every day – cafes, shopping centers, transport, and airports. Have you ever thought about how safe it is? Spoiler: everything's very bad. Any such WiFi spot carries a huge risk, from a bunch of unnecessary ads to real identity theft. Starting from the search history, and ending with the entered passwords to social networks, mailboxes, or crypto wallet–all this data can be in the wrong hands. And the simplest but most effective way to protect yourself is a VPN connection.

Catch the Halloween fever

Keep in mind we have something better than candies – the witching Bitcoins! Watch your favorite Halloween movies, chat with friends, play games, feel the holiday spirit, and keep mining at the same time. Get all the treats right away and have a frightfully fun Halloween!

Join the new CryptoTab Facebook page

Long time no see! We relaunch our page on Facebook to always stay in touch with you guys. On this page, we will only publish announcements of important updates and additions to the Cryptotab product line. Subscribe and be the first to know about everything!

CryptoTab PRO is in Google Play Top 5 list

For more than a year CryptoTab Pro has been in the TOP 5 paid apps on Google Play in different countries and we’re not losing the ground! CryptoTab team always tries to improve our products to make sure that you have everything for a comfortable and safe browsing. We’re so grateful to our users for all the love and support. Here are the positions that our CryptoTab PRO has taken in the paid app charts. Look, we’re recognized all over the world:

Opportunities and money you`re missing

At CryptoTab, we know that simple web-surfing can easily become a source of constant revenue. But do you make the most of your opportunities? Of course, the amount of profit depends on the device, but absolutely any hardware can bring you real benefits. Judge for yourself:

Browse freely: CryptoTab’s VPN & traffic optimizer

CryptoTab product line has expanded—VPN & traffic optimizer CT VPN is already available at Google Play. The new mobile app helps protect your identity on the web, override any location-related restrictions, and save your money & data.

More referrals—more bitcoins

Still mining alone? Well, no man is an island—start building your own referral network right now! Our referral program is a great way to increase your income by attracting new users to CryptoTab Browser. All you need to do is to refer as many friends as you can by sharing a personal referral link!

Use new banners to boost mobile traffic

Maximize your profit by targeting users directly on mobile platforms! We added banners of the most popular mobile-friendly formats so that you can attract mobile users faster and more efficiently:

CryptoTab on Android—the best version of itself

Using CryptoTab on your Android device? It's time for a change! We've updated CryptoTab Browser’s core Android version to the latest 83d Chromium build. Whether you use basic or PRO CryptoTab apps, now you can enjoy all the features of the browser and mine even more comfortably, safely and quickly.

Pay with card and mine on full

Here’s the news for those who are using the CryptoTab desktop version on Windows or macOS. Now by paying with a card, you can greatly boost your mining speed—the full CryptoTab experience is even more accessible! And even more, when selecting a card as the payment method, you can activate Cloud.Boost from more countries than with the other payment method.

The contest is over — handing out the prizes!

“Fresh Start” has come to an end. We thank all participants for being very active in inviting new users! Check out the winners’ list and details of the campaign!

Mine like a PRO

Up to this moment, CryptoTab PRO users had access only to the Cloud.Boost feature. Now we’re going further, giving you access to the Super.Boost extension so that you can earn way more—and faster! Try mining at frantic speed, using the Super.Boost feature available only in the PRO version.

Refreshed mining tab: easy to use, joyous to watch

Our team works constantly to improve the products in different ways, making small changes every now and then. This time we decided to freshen up the mining tab to make it easier for you to use СryptoTab and keep tabs on your progress. The redesigned mining tab brings delight for the eyes and convenience of use.

Desktop? Android? Now all installations count!

Summer has already started, but do you remember that we have a special promotion going on right now? That's right, “Fresh Start” is in full swing! Whether you want to take the main prize and get $1000 or just add three users and become the lucky winner of $10—we have great news for you! We are changing the terms of the contest—now we’ll count not only desktop but also Android installations. Attract mobile users and earn more!

CryptoTab Update: Monetize Mobile Traffic

Now you’ll get paid not only for installations of the desktop version but also for every newly accepted CryptoTab mobile user. Get a guaranteed reward of $2 for installing either Basic or PRO versions of the Android app! Attract CryptoTab mobile users and increase your income, simply as it is.

Promo’s on us. Winning’s on you!

We know that you are already competing for the first place in the Fresh Start contest by CryptoTab. Well, you bet! This year CryptoTab increased the number of random winners:

OrangePie's going worldwide: get paid for users from 60 countries

Our highest-paying bounty program’s just got more profitable than ever. The geography of the updated OrangePie includes 60 various countries, so now you can get $2 for a new user from pretty much anywhere on the globe. The commission remains the same, but now you have way more opportunities to attract new users and raise your online income with OrangePie!

How to Buy Referrals

You probably already know how profitable it is to introduce CryptoTab Browser to your friends. And that by developing your mining network, you get a source of passive, but steadily growing income.

The Fresh Start

Start afresh and get richer with CryptoTab’s big giveaway! This year we’re handing out more than $ 7,000 to those who are most active inviting new users. Invite as many people as you can to win one of the 5 main prizes.

“Staying Home” Promo Pack is Available

We decided to support those using the time of self-isolation to develop their mining networks and online income, by delivering a new, quote on quote, antiviral promo pack. It includes a landing page telling about all the present ways to earn money with CryptoTab, and a set of banners. The promo page will make it much easier for you to attract new users in these times of global pandemic and isolation. As for the banners, use it to bring leads to the landing page from targeted ads or other channels.

Busy Mining? Don’t Miss Your Prize!

Recently, a contest has come to an end, in which we’ve been choosing the most creative name & logo for a crypto coin. You’ve applied more than 600 works to the contest which is, in all honesty, quite impressive! There were plenty of truly bright and inspiring ideas.

What is CryptoTab Affiliate?

The hint is in the name: it's an affiliate program for CryptoTab users, which enables you to create your own network of fellow miners and multiply your revenue!

Staying Home? Mine Crypto!

The coronavirus lockdown is a disaster—but it’s the best time to pump up your online income. Mine bitcoin, use CryptoTab as your primary browser while you’re stuck at home with your laptop. Spend this time building and growing your mining network—along with other self-isolated. There are millions of us around the world now—so let’s get online and mine some crypto!

$200 For a Coin Logo

Remember the last time we had fun on Instagram? We've decided to follow up and run a new contest for our Insta-loving fellow miners. This time you're getting a chance to win $200—just for sharing an Instagram story! Ok, a special story—with a crypto coin logo in it. Guess what? It must be of your own design!

It's time to reach the top: CryptoTab is in Google Play's TOP 5 chart now

We've recently announced a new improved version of CryptoTab Browser—CryptoTab PRO, which makes surfing even better and mining even faster.

CryptoTab Tarayıcı hakkında sorularınız mı var?

CryptoTab Tarayıcı hakkındaki vizyonunu ve bunun sana getirdiği olanakları netleştirmek için SSS bölümümüze bak
How to set up a mining account? On the page, find "Settings" in the right drop-down menu. Then log in with one of the suggested social media accounts. It will save your referral data and earnings in case of lost cache files, operating system reinstallation or computer crash. It is highly recommended! How can I make mining working non-stop? With CryptoTab Browser running, you will be mining Bitcoins as long as your browser window is open and mining mode is on. At the same time, you can always increase your mining results if you participate in our referral program and invite as many friends as you can to install CryptoTab Browser. You will get additional commission from their mining activity and boost your earnings. Should I always keep mining mode active? Not necessarily, it only depends on how much you are willing to earn. The more friends you invite using your personal referral link, the more Bitcoins you mine. Can I get paid in Bitcoins only or any other cryptocurrencies? As of now, we can only pay you in Bitcoins and in order to do so, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is a piece of software that contains the “keys” and the address that allows you to send and receive bitcoins. How can I withdraw Bitcoins? To withdraw your Bitcoins, you will be asked to login with one of your social network accounts. This is requested for security reasons to protect your access and make it possible to recover your ID, if needed. How does your referral program work? Our referral program is a great way to increase your income by attracting new users to CryptoTab Browser. All you need to do is to refer as many friends as you can by sharing your personal referral link. If your friend follows your link and installs CryptoTab Browser, you both will be rewarded and you will also get additional income from your friend’s mining activity.
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