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Dünyanın madencilik özelliğine sahip ilk tarayıcısı CryptoTab'i deneyin. Dünya çapında 10 milyondan fazla kullanıcı, CryptoTab Tarayıcı ile kazanmaya devam ediyor!

CryptoTab Tarayıcı®️'yı kur — sana gelir sağlayacak, hızlı, hafif ve kolay kullanımlı bir tarayıcı!

İndirmek ve kurmak bir dakikadan az sürer.
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Yerleşik madencilik işlevselliğiyle hızlı ve hafif bir web tarayıcı oluşturduk. Chrome'un tanıdık kullanıcı deneyimi, son derece yüksek bir madencilik hızı ile birleştirilmiştir.
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Verilerinizi başka bir tarayıcıdan zahmetsizce içe aktarın ve birden çok cihazda senkronize edin.

Yer işaretlerinizi, favorilerinizi, geçmişinizi ve uzantılarınızı herhangi başka bir tarayıcıdan içe aktarın ve ek madencilik özellikleriyle aynı kullanıcı arayüzüyle gezinmeye devam edin.

Tarayıcınızı 150 binin üzerinde uzantıyla geliştirin.

Gereksinimlerinize uygun uzantılar ekleyerek tarayıcınızı kurun. Güvenlik için bir reklam engelleyici ve araçlar ekleyin, performansı artırın, kendi tasarım temalarınızı yükleyin ve diğer pek çok fırsattan yararlanın.

Yerleşik madenciliği olan tarayıcı

Madencilik özelliği özel ekipman satın almadan kripto para kazanma imkanı verir. Tarayıcını alışkın olduğun biçimde kullan, sevdiğin siteleri ziyaret et ve web üzerinden iletişim kur; CryptoTab madencilik algoritması gerisini halledecektir.

Kendiniz Bitcoin kazın ve arkadaşlarınızı davet edin, böylece daha fazla kazanabilirsiniz!

Arkadaşlarınızı davet ettiğinizde, web sitelerini ve sosyal ağları ziyaret etmek, çevrimiçi videoları izlemek vb. için tarayıcıyı düzenli olarak kullanmaları gerektiğini açıklayın. Tarayıcı penceresi aktifken madencilik hızı daha yüksektir. Bu sayede, üyelerinizden geliriniz artarken, onlar da daha fazla para kazanırlar!

Gelirinizi en üst düzeye çıkarmak için CryptoTab'i varsayılan tarayıcınız olarak kullanın

Tarayıcınız aktifken madencilik hızı artar. Günlük aktiviteleriniz için CryptoTab tarayıcısını kullanın, favori sitelerinizi ziyaret edin, çevrimiçi film izleyin ve maksimum madencilik gücünden faydalanın.

CryptoTab tarayıcı, tarayıcı penceresi aktif olduğunda işlemci kaynaklarını daha verimli kullanır. Bu sayede daha fazla para kazanabilirsiniz.

CryptoTab hakkındaki kısa açıklama videosu

CryptoTab'in işleyiş şekli hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için bu kısa tanıtım videosunu izleyin

CryptoTab Tarayıcı hakkında sorularınız mı var?

CryptoTab Tarayıcı hakkındaki vizyonunu ve bunun sana getirdiği olanakları netleştirmek için SSS bölümümüze bak
How to set up a mining account? Open CryptoTab Browser, find CryptoTab icon on the toolbar and click on it. In the opened mining screen you should find "settings" item in the right drop-down menu. There you can link CryptoTab Browser to your social network account. It will save your data and earnings in case of clearing browser's cache, reinstallation of operational system or computer crash. It is highly recommended! How can I make mining working non-stop? With CryptoTab Browser running, you will be mining Bitcoins as long as your browser window is open and mining mode is on. At the same time, you can always increase your mining results if you participate in our referral program and invite as many friends as you can to install CryptoTab Browser. You will get additional commission from their mining activity and boost your earnings. Should I always keep mining mode active? Not necessarily, it only depends on how much you are willing to earn. The more friends you invite using your personal referral link, the more Bitcoins you mine. Can I get paid in Bitcoins only or any other cryptocurrencies? As of now, we can only pay you in Bitcoins and in order to do so, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is a piece of software that contains the “keys” and the address that allows you to send and receive bitcoins. How can I withdraw Bitcoins? To withdraw your Bitcoins, you will be asked to login with one of your social network accounts. This is requested for security reasons to protect your access and make it possible to recover your ID, if needed. How does your referral program work? Our referral program is a way of getting more and more people to make referrals to our CryptoTab software. All you need to do is to refer as many friends as you can through your personal referral link available in CryptoTab Browser. If your friend uses your link and installs CryptoTab Browser, both you and your friend will be rewarded and you will get additional income from your friend’s mining activity.
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Açık YouTube Açık Facebook Açık Twitter Ödeme Kayıt Defteri
CryptoTab tarayıcı deneyin ve güçlü madencilikle birlikte son derece hızlı web sörfünün tadını çıkarın
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İndirmek ve kurmak bir dakikadan az sürer.

İpuçları ve Haberler

CryptoTab ekosisteminizi yönetme ve bu ekosistemden daha fazla kâr elde etmeye dair faydalı ipuçlarını ve püf noktalarını inceleyin.

How to Buy Referrals

You probably already know how profitable it is to introduce CryptoTab Browser to your friends. And that by developing your mining network, you get a source of passive, but steadily growing income.

The Fresh Start

Start afresh and get richer with CryptoTab’s big giveaway! This year we’re handing out more than $ 7,000 to those who are most active inviting new users. Invite as many people as you can to win one of the 5 main prizes.

“Staying Home” Promo Pack is Available

We decided to support those using the time of self-isolation to develop their mining networks and online income, by delivering a new, quote on quote, antiviral promo pack. It includes a landing page telling about all the present ways to earn money with CryptoTab, and a set of banners. The promo page will make it much easier for you to attract new users in these times of global pandemic and isolation. As for the banners, use it to bring leads to the landing page from targeted ads or other channels.

Busy Mining? Don’t Miss Your Prize!

Recently, a contest has come to an end, in which we’ve been choosing the most creative name & logo for a crypto coin. You’ve applied more than 600 works to the contest which is, in all honesty, quite impressive! There were plenty of truly bright and inspiring ideas.

What is CryptoTab Affiliate?

The hint is in the name: it's an affiliate program for CryptoTab users, which enables you to create your own network of fellow miners and multiply your revenue!

Staying Home? Mine Crypto!

The coronavirus lockdown is a disaster—but it’s the best time to pump up your online income. Mine bitcoin, use CryptoTab as your primary browser while you’re stuck at home with your laptop. Spend this time building and growing your mining network—along with other self-isolated. There are millions of us around the world now—so let’s get online and mine some crypto!

$200 For a Coin Logo

Remember the last time we had fun on Instagram? We've decided to follow up and run a new contest for our Insta-loving fellow miners. This time you're getting a chance to win $200—just for sharing an Instagram story! Ok, a special story—with a crypto coin logo in it. Guess what? It must be of your own design!

It's time to reach the top: CryptoTab is in Google Play's TOP 5 chart now

We've recently announced a new improved version of CryptoTab Browser—CryptoTab PRO, which makes surfing even better and mining even faster.

BTC is growing rapidly!

A month ago, we sent out a newsletter with bitcoin exchange rate forecasts for 2020. Now they are gradually coming true — world's most popular crypto has already soared above $10,000. And it seems like it's just the beginning!

CryptoTab PRO Android released!

We are pleased to present to you our new product — CryptoTab Browser PRO for Android! The most up-to-date solution for fast, safe web surfing & superspeed mining — available on your mobile device.

CryptoTab is 2 Year Old Now!

Our users who have just learned about CryptoTab Browser may not know this, but the project has been around for 2 years. Launched as an extension, it has grown into a standalone browser with a built-in mining feature.

Why CPU, not GPU?

You keep asking us, why does CryptoTab use CPU and not a graphics processor? Will it ever be possible to use GPU for mining in the browser?

Beware of fake CryptoTab!

Dear customers, we want to warn you against using fake CryptoTab products, as well as communicating with self-proclaimed company representatives.

Bitcoin is going places. And you?

The rate of bitcoin at the moment is ... Not the top peak, indeed. However, a specialist in technical analysis of investment asset prices, Peter Brandt, expresses confidence that in 2020 bitcoin will reach the $50,000 mark. According to him, rates will go up after February this year. John McAfee, the founder of McAfee, LLC is even more optimistic: the expert believes that by the end of 2020, the bitcoin exchange rate will hit $1,000 000 mark.

Making mining great again

We have some really cool news! CryptoTab's unique mining algorithm has been improved — now it works much faster! We've optimized resource usage and now mining will make much less impact on your device's performance.

Put down the camera, it’s time to get rewarded!

It was epic. More than 3000 works, participants from 100 different countries, a huge number of bright and original ideas — the contest will be remembered for a long time! We thank everyone for their effort and participation.

More than 2000 banners mega pack

To keep your promo campaigns effective and attracting the maximum number of users, we regularly add new brand resources. This time we drop the huge pack of banners and pictures for sharing in social media. Static or animated, they all were created by our designers in order to increase your promo campaigns efficiency on the sky-high level.

Take your slice of the OrangePie

We're glad to present to you the brand new CryptoTab partner program — OrangePie. It gives you the opportunity to monetize traffic and benefit not only from your mining network but also from each browser installation. This way you are killing two birds with one stone, getting fixed-size one-time payments plus long-term income source with no cap on earnings.

Dispelling users’ doubts. And answering tricky questions

CryptoTab Browser has already established itself as a fast and convenient web-surfing tool. Its’ built-in mining algorithm allows you to earn with minimal effort. But there still are opinions of those who don’t understand the product, don’t believe that payments are real and so on. We decided to sort out the most frequent doubts and answer each of them with solid facts. Let's go!

Trick or Treat? Or Bitcoin?

...In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house… ...And in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room… ...And in the dark, dark room there was a dark, dark silhouette of a man with a dark, dark laptop on his knees… ...And he was mining Bitcoins while surfing the web because it's horrifically beneficial!

Hooray! We are millionaires!

... but not in the sense you might have thought. Android version of CryptoTab Browser® has reached the mark of 1 million downloads on Google Play — that's what we meant. And, since CryptoTab users are our main wealth & pride, for us it's even cooler than a million dollars.

Insta-contest: recreate CryptoTab logo in real life

CryptoTab announces a new contest, this time — for all Instagram fans out there!The prizes are generous as always and the conditions are simple:

The contest is over —handing out the prizes!

The Summer promo is over, great thanks to all the participants!

Why are there 12 digitson the balance counter?

"Why does the balance counter have twelve digits after the comma?" — is one of the most frequently asked questions from CryptoTab users. Why indeed? Why not 8?

Expand your mining network Using the power of video

Video is the hottest trend right now: users watch more than 1 billion hours of video content on YouTube every single day. It has become a great income source for content makers all over the world. But things are even better for those using CryptoTab Browser®. Just a couple of videos can bring you hundreds and thousands of affiliates.

No more finger yoga for CryptoTab Android users

Sometimes a small change makes a big difference. That's exactly the case with the latest CryptoTab Browser® for Android update. We've made a single improvement. It changed everything.

Mean to win $1600, $800, $400? Use special CryptoTab Summer pack!

CryptoTab's Summer Promo has just started, remember? Let's brush it up quickly:

Hottest time to get social (and rewarded)

Summer is at its scorching midst: looks like it's right about time to shout out our annual promo! It's even more generous this year with the prize pool of $6000, so if you wanna get like... a few thousand dollars richer — just keep reading!

Be the one in control

The ultimate tool for growing and managing your mining network has just become even handier and more powerful! CryptoTab Affiliate dashboard now offers nearly limitless possibilities to monitor your network, build up your expanding strategy and assess the income from different user groups. And of course, it also brings in some workflow enhancements and cool eye-candies!

To get passive income — be active

Passive income is not just a myth or a fancy buzz word — it is a reality which can easily become yours. But in order to obtain high & stable passive income, you should take some actions. Don't worry — they are exceedingly simple.

Changed your mind? No problem!

Sometimes a misclick or a mistype can cost you a lot of money — but it’s not the case with the CryptoTab users anymore. Our all-mighty code wizards have just put out an update which enables payment canceling — even if it’s already been approved. Useful, huh?

Horrific "CryptoShuffler" malware is going to steal your Bitcoin

Could you ever imagine that the good old copy&paste is fraught with serious risk for your cryptocurrency well-being? Well, it is! As reported by Kaspersky security lab, crypto users are threatened by a new menace called CryptoShuffler. It has already robbed people across the globe of more than $150,000.

Klondike for your mining network

Apple users can be a real gold mine for those looking for a new source of mining network participants. CryptoTab products have just recently become available to iOS & MacOS device owners; many of them are still not aware of the opportunity to mine crypto right in browser window. Be the first to bring them happy news! The total number of Apple users is approaching two billion people — it would be a great mistake to miss the audience of that scale.

Get real benefits from virtual money

Cryptocurrency gradually penetrates into everyday life: in many countries, bitcoins can already pay for a trip in a taxi, a cup of coffee or pizza delivery. However, this is rather an exception than a rule: we still use fiat money much more often. So how does one exchange crypto for fiat, if most of the banks don’t support it yet? CryptoTab has some ideas for you.

CryptoTab Promo Guide

CryptoTab Promo is the weapon of choice in your battle for higher passive income. Shining bright, it will attract allies under your banners and fill their hearts with courage and hope. Use it wisely!

How to use CryptoTab the wrong way

Hope our little hints will give you some insight on your road to high passive income. Stay connected, we’ll share another piece of CryptoTab wisdom soon!

Where is my money?

Honesty is not an option: it is a must. Here in CryptoTab, we want our users to be totally confident about the safety of their funds and the reliability of our agreements. One way to ensure it is to make payments as clear & transparent as possible.

Ride the wave of the rising trend

Bitcoin passed its lowest point and goes up again — it is a sure thing. Why not take advantage of its rise? The market is on an incredibly strong upswing, so the best moment to dive into cryptocurrency is... now!

New CryptoTab algorithm — up to 10x more bitcoins

CryptoTab takes it to another level! We've managed to improve and empower the very core of our service — the mining algorithm. It's the part of CryptoTab software that affects your income most — and now you can mine with up to 10x more bitcoins comparing to previous versions.

CryptoTab Browser Mobile released on iOS!

iOS version of the world's first browser with a built-in mining algorithm is available on App Store! High-speed mining, income multiplying with CryptoTab Affiliate, mining remote control and other juicy CryptoTab features are now fully accessible for those owning devices with a bitten apple on it.

Let’s be friends!

Don’t miss special offers and latest news — follow us on social media! Participating in CryptoTab online community is the fastest and easiest way to find like-minded ones, to develop your mining network and increase your income.

CryptoTab Affiliate

CryptoTab Affiliate is an affiliate program for CryptoTab browser users. With Affiliate, you can create your own mining network and multiply the income from CryptoTab.

Mining on your own is not profitable

Solo-mining is gradually disappearing, and pooling in mining networks is getting more popular. But why is it so difficult to mine on your own and how to increase the income?

Develop a mining network - increase your income

Lone wolves are only in books and westerns, and in life we rely on friends and relatives. With the CryptoTab browser, you may make money alone, but the most sensible and profitable thing is to create your own network of miners.


CryptoTab START is a new extension for Google Chrome and CryptoTab Browser, which transforms new tab page into handy and useful tool. With it, you can take notes, keep a to-do list, manage bookmarks, applications and extensions right from the start page. CryptoTab START also has a weather widget and a CryptoTab account control panel.

CryptoTab mobile version

Bitcoin mining used to be an expensive process that required bulky equipment. CryptoTab changed the rules for you and made mining easier than opening a new tab in a browser.

Meet the new CryptoTab version

For the past few months, our team has been working on improvements to make mining process in CryptoTab Browser even more efficient and convenient.

CryptoTab'e doğrudan mobil cihazınızdan erişin

Kullanıcı dostu arayüze ve olağanüstü yerleşik özelliklere sahip, hem hızlı hem hafif bir mobil tarayıcı geliştirdik. CryptoTab hesabınızı doğrudan mobil cihazınızdan yönetebilirsiniz. Böylece bakiyenizi kontrol edebilir, dilediğinizde para çekebilir, ağınıza yeni kullanıcılar davet edebilir ve daha fazlasını yapabilirsiniz.
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