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Your very own mining network
CryptoTab Affiliate

CryptoTab Affiliate is an affiliate program for CryptoTab browser users. With Affiliate, you can create your own mining network and multiply the income from CryptoTab.

Como funciona

You receive 15% of the cryptocurrency mined by users you’d invited. Participants invited by them bring you 10% — and so on up to the level 10th of your network. If every 1st level affiliate invite at least two members, and then they invite more people, and more, — your mining network will grow to the level where it brings you steady and significant income. It can be even more profitable than your main occupation! Invest some time and effort in developing your mining network and you won’t even need to mine yourself. We’ll pay a percentage as long as at least one member is active.

CryptoTab Affiliate Features

CryptoTab Affiliate is the control panel of your mining network. Here you can add referral links, check your balance, monitor quantity and activity of your referrals.

Keep track of your income

There is nothing more pleasant than to watch the sum on your account getting bigger! CryptoTab Affiliate not only displays your current balance, but also detailed information about how much income was brought by the invited participants in general and for each link separately.

Manage referral links

Add several links to track the performance of different promotion channels. Focus on those that bring you more visits and installations; if a channel doesn’t work — try another approach.

CryptoTab Promo

Ready-made promo materials to attract users

To make it easier for you to attract new participants, we’ve prepared CryptoTab promo materials: logos and banners of different sizes and formats, texts and images for messengers and social media, landing pages etc. Use it to promote CryptoTab, to create posts, messages, and letters: they’ll help to bring more fellow miners and hence increase your revenue.

Icons and logos

Landing pages

Images for promo posts


Interface screenshots

Texts for promo posts

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Published: 4 de Fevereiro de 2019

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