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A long-awaited answer to one hell of a tricky question
Where is my money?

Honesty is not an option: it is a must. Here in CryptoTab, we want our users to be totally confident about the safety of their funds and the reliability of our agreements. One way to ensure it is to make payments as clear & transparent as possible.

New payment status system: track your money wherever it is

To give you more information and control over the withdrawal process, we developed a comprehensive status system. It lets to be always in the know about the current state of your payment request and actions that are needed to complete money transfer.

When you send us a withdrawal request, a lot of mysterious things happen. Before the money gets into your BTC wallet, the payment needs to go through three checkpoints:

Approvazione dell'utente

Dopo aver creato una richiesta, viene inviata un'e-mail con un collegamento di conferma alla tua casella di posta. Si tratta di un passaggio cruciale per impedire agli aggressori di inviare una richiesta falsa a tuo nome.

Approvazione del moderatore

CryptoTab moderators check requests to weed out fraudulent and erroneous ones. Most checks are automatic, so you don't have to wait for too long.

Conferma dalla blockchain

Dopo l'approvazione da parte del moderatore, la richiesta di trasferimento viene inviata alla blockchain. Le informazioni sulla transazione sono registrate sulla blockchain e successivamente i fondi vengono trasferiti nel tuo portafoglio.

I ritardi possono verificarsi in qualsiasi fase, ma grazie al nuovo sistema di stato, saprai sempre dove sono i tuoi soldi e cosa devi fare per ottenerli.

No longer you'll need to guess, where your money is and why it hasn't been transferred to your wallet yet

Statuses and explaining tooltips are displayed in the personal area of the CryptoTab website.

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