Sorry, the promo is over!

Well, looks like the promo is already over. No worries though, there are a lot of promotions and nice discounts waiting right ahead. In the meantime, you can purchase access to CryptoTab PRO and any subscription plan that suits you by following button below. Happy New Year!

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What is CryptoTab PRO?

The Cloud.Boost feature multiplies mining speed when the browser is in use. You'll be able to mine much faster on your current hardware—without any performance issues. To activate Cloud.Boost, tap the button and choose one of the subscription plans available.

No excessive ads
Cloud.Boost—multiplied speed mining
SDP feature: server-dependent mining, no battery drain
Secure profile for public Wi-Fi
Separate profiles for multiple users
Unlimited number of connected remote devices
Unlimited funds withdrawal from 0.00001 BTC
Priority technical support
Special promo-materials and boosts sales
Boosts Available

You can increase your mining speed multiple times by activating additional boosts and getting a sum of its power to speed up your bitcoin earnings.

Happy New Year!

And Happy Holidays!

Please click on CryptoTab Browser item below after downloading to install the browser.
Open downloads list from above and click on CryptoTab Browser to install it on your computer