Pool Mining - Millions of Hashrate on Your PC

It's time for unlimited mining in CryptoTab Browser! Increase your BTC income by hundreds of thousands of times with the Pool Mining feature! You can set up Pool Miner with just a couple of clicks to get up to 20 million extra hashrate on any hardware.

Millions of hashrate

You won't need a new PC to get millions in hashrate with Pool Mining. Your PC is all set for incredible BTC earnings! It's just a matter of decision!

Flexible Income

Plan your income over the long term and tweak it to suit you by setting up Pool Miners with a couple of clicks.

Without new hardware

You no longer need special hardware for high-speed mining. Pool Mining is a colossal hashrate and BTC income available to everyone.

Set Up Your Pool Miner

Pool miners allow you to fully customize your BTC income to your needs. Adjust the hashrate and choose the duration, and then just enjoy a stable income in BTC. And don't forget that with longer duration the price of Pool Miner decreases. And that means your income grows, too!

Add Pool Miner

Pool Mining is available for desktop devices only

Hashrate (H/s)

Mining speed per second




Purchase Currency


Pay with card or crypto

Pool Miner is available with your personal 0% off!

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Price / Month


0.00256800 btc

0.00231120 btc

Total Price

Time left: 0:00 min
0.00693360 btc
0.00693360 btc

Pool Miner 150K / 3 Мо.

How to add Pool Miner

To take advantage of all the benefits of Pool Mining, it only takes a few simple steps.

Download and install CryptoTab Browser
Log in and select the Pool Miners option on the CryptoTab Dashboard
Choose hashrate and duration of the Pool Miner and complete the purchase
Enjoy stable income in BTC, withdraw without commissions at any time
Please click on CryptoTab Browser item below after downloading to install the browser.
Open downloads list from above and click on CryptoTab Browser to install it on your computer

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