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Kaboom! Banks are bursting like bubbles
Men in Black: What Kind of Crisis are We Talking About?

Kaboom! The banks burst like soap bubbles! Kaboom! Fiat currencies are flying after them! Right now, we are experiencing the second largest banking collapse in U.S. history. And while the experts are arguing about the damage to the dollar and deposit holders are running to collect their investments, there are those who aren't worried at all. Who are they, these mysterious men in black?

No, these are not super-secret service agents. These are the people who keep their savings in Bitcoin! While the global economy is doing incredible somersaults, Bitcoin continues to rise. And in the last week alone, it has jumped 13%! If anyone has lost in this situation, it's definitely not those who are future-oriented and bet on the crypto market. What other arguments do you need to invest in the main currency of the 21st century?

And most importantly, you don't even need to buy Bitcoins to secure a stable place in the future of the digital economy! There's nothing easier than to make as much BTC as you want! After all, while banks are bursting like bubbles, CryptoTab has been steadily paying its users for over 5 years.


For example, use CryptoTab Browser on your smartphone. Cloud.Boost technology will allow you to increase your hashrate by up to x300 times!


Pool Mining

And you don't even need to download CryptoTab Browser to use Pool Mining. Use the service on any device and enjoy the crazy speed of up to 20 million H/s!


CT Farm

Use your own Bitcoin mining hardware or no hardware at all. Now it's possible with Pool Mining!


NFT Mining

But Bitcoins are also waiting for you in CT NFT, which allows you to use tokens in completely green NFT Mining technology. No hardware and no electricity bills – turn NFT Mining to the max and watch the number on your account grow!


Choose whatever you like and move on to the future!

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