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CryptoTab Browser has already established itself as a fast and convenient web-surfing tool. Its built-in mining algorithm allows you to earn with minimal effort. But there is still some distrust and suspicion of CryptoTab among certain people. That's why we decided to erase your doubts with solid facts. Let's go!

Doubt #1: "They won’t pay! I tried another mining project and they didn’t pay me. CryptoTab is exactly the same."

Answer: Over 2 years of our existence we've provided numerous proofs of us paying. But if there's still some doubt in you - go to the Payments Journal and see it for yourself.

Doubt #2: "I’ve lost my money, it just disappeared from the account! Something suspicious is going on here..."

Answer: The problem with money disappearing from an account usually occurs when an unregistered user reboots his computer or logs in with another account. There is a possibility to link your CryptoTab account to one of the social media profiles. We strongly recommend choosing only one right after the installation and sticking to it. It guarantees that your money will be safe & sound.

Doubt #3: "I’ve dropped the link to 20 friends, but got only 2 referrals! Where are the others?"

Answer: Not everyone who’s got the link will become your referral. Some of your friends may have missed the registration and others may not have liked the browser. It’s totally ok. Don’t panic, just keep going — at the end of the day, consistency will bring you success!

Do not doubt or hesitate — start mining right now, use CryptoTab on a daily basis and you’ll get your sweet bitcoins. We promise!

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