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Heartiest St. Valentine’s Day Greetings
Let CryptoBot Be Your CryptoCupid for a Day

Cupid is sharpening his arrows as St. Valentine’s Day approaches — seems like it’s the best time to open up your feelings! Wait, you’re still puzzling over how to confess or propose to your dear? Our CryptoBot browsed through the most inventive and innovative ideas for this very special day — and here’s what he found.

What about a blockchain-based date? Or even a wedding in the Metaverse? That would surely flabbergast your darling!

You will not be the first one though — one US couple has just done that — the first-ever meta marriage took place entirely in Decentraland, but it barely differed from a physical wedding with the presence of 2,000 guests, witnesses, and a Supreme Court Justice official. The couple’s virtual identities and their marriage location were recorded with a ”Meta-Marriage License” and tokenized in the NFT format.

Yes, modern love’s like that — it’s virtual, yet it’s real!

CryptoBot is sending his cordial greetings to all the loving souls out there! Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


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