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Mine with new NFT then exchange it for even greater ones!
New Season of NFT Mining: Get New Token and Earn BTC without Limits!

Seems like it is time to earn a huge amount of BTC with no limits whatsoever. And we have a great way to do so — new CryptoTab NFT Mining #02!

For each NFT you receive additional +100,000 H/s to the hashrate until October 1 and after you will be able to take part in a grand exchange! Use as many tokens as you want, and increase your mining efficiency in CryptoTab Browser to earn more BTC — and this is just the beginning!


At the mining period finale, all NFT-holders will be able to participate in a unique exchange and become owners of NFT Discounter #01 or other innovative NFTs from the Live Eggs and Magic Live Eggs collections!

NFT Discounter #01 — gives a discount on a one-time purchase of any amount of tokens listed on the CryptoTab-Official listings.

Live Eggs and Magic Live Eggs — the world's first token collections that change their appearance directly on OpenSea. Share your Egg hatching progress with all users of the largest NFT marketplace and get a chance to extract tokens from the official CryptoTab collections worth up to 5,000 ETH right from the Egg!

The new season of NFT Mining is a great opportunity to multiply your income and use the exchange to become one of the first owners of the NFT from the unique Live Eggs collections! Hurry up — there are only 33,333 CryptoTab NFT Mining #02 minted!


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