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Discover the Cosmic Hashrate of CryptoTab MAX for Free!

The recently introduced CryptoTab MAX offers a much higher basic speed and way more efficient Cloud.Boost multipliers for your mining superpower. But what’s the use of the superpower if it can’t be shared with everyone? On the occasion of the upcoming holiday season, CryptoTab has gone even further and provided free trial access to CryptoTab MAX – our most forward-looking browser!

The new browser is our most high-speed solution – it boasts a cosmic basic hashrate of 2000 H/s and allows you to get the MAXimum mining profit. Yet that’s not all: the basic speed of CryptoTab MAX can be enhanced and multiplied with Cloud.Boost so that your overall hashrate may become up to 300 times higher! At the same time, activating Cloud.Boost multipliers is now more profitable, as their price remains the same as for other versions of CryptoTab Browser.

The time has come to reap the maximum benefits! Allow yourself a free trial of skyrocketing mining!

Embrace the chance to maximize your hashrate! Enjoy the free trial access at MAXimum!


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Published: Dec. 8, 2021

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