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Safety under any conditions
VPN ON - Danger OFF

We use public WiFi every day–cafes, shopping centers, transport, and airports. Have you ever thought whether it's safe or not? Spoiler: everything's very bad. Any WiFi spot carries a huge risk, from a bunch of unnecessary ads to real identity theft. Starting from the search history, and ending with the entered passwords to social networks, mailboxes, or crypto wallet–all this data can get into the wrong hands. And the simplest but most effective way to protect yourself is a VPN connection.

How does it work?

Data protection and security: no information leaks

Privacy and anonymity: no one will see what sites you visit

Get unlimited access to any content from anywhere in the world: roll in a wealth of super-fast CryptoTab servers

Experience high-speed connection up to 1 Gbps: watch, play, browse, and mine freely

Seriously, this is the simplest solution that eliminates all the problems of weak WiFi security at once. When using CT VPN, you encrypt everything you transmit to the Net, including your location. CT VPN helps your data stay secure even when using unreliable public Wi-Fi

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