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You are doing it wrong: how to misuse CryptoTab
How to use CryptoTab the wrong way

CryptoTab — a versatile browser designed to be used by anyone, who is looking for a better web experience and additional income source. However, there definitely are ways to make it much less effective and profitable. We gathered some of the most common misuse cases: stay alert, look out for traps!

Lone wolf won't catch prey

"I can do it on my own," he said. "I don't need your fancy-schmancy mining network," he claimed. "Hmm, and where is my money?" he wondered at the end.

Don't get us wrong: solo mining with CryptoTab can be an option for those looking for an extra passive income source. But this kind of approach won't take you very far. The real strength is in numbers, so you should consider growing your own mining network. If you want to increase your earnings greatly, hence the mining network is not to be overlooked by anyone seeking higher income.

The real strength is in numbers

Keep your eyes on the prize

Though CryptoTab is designed to be discreet and not resource-demanding, it still needs your involvement to work properly. Of course, you can just turn mining on and forget about it, but we strongly recommend trying another approach.

Use CryptoTab for both mining and browsing as it will significantly increase your mining speed. Mining interferes with some demanding tasks such as watching a hi-res video or in-browser gaming? Decrease mining speed or even turn it off temporarily; it solves the problem easily in most cases.

Use CryptoTab for everyday browsing

Be creative, but know your limits

People trust people, not blatant advertising. However, it doesn’t mean one should neglect the opportunities for a promotion that are offered by CryptoTab. On the Affiliate website you will find dozens of ready-made promotional materials — from logos to landing pages made by professionals. They will help you attract and convince new members, create a strong positive impression about CryptoTab.

Ready-made promo materials will help you build your network

View and download

Hope our little hints will give you some insight on your road to high passive income. Stay tuned, we’ll share more CryptoTab wisdom soon!

Published: Dec. 29, 2018

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