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Great news!
Meet the new CryptoTab version

For the past few months, our team has been working on improvements to make the mining process in CryptoTab Browser even more efficient and convenient.

We have optimized the mining algorithm for you to get up to three times more profit from mining for the same period of time as before. The changes will most affect the users of multi-core processors – thanks to optimization and improved system settings, the algorithm now uses processor power more efficiently. This allows you to increase the mining speed while reducing the use of the computer resources, so you can fully use the browser capabilities during mining.

We have reorganized the interface elements by adding new useful options to make mining simple and easy for everyone.

Enjoy even more comfortable and faster mining with the new version of CryptoTab!

Invite new users to your mining network via your personal link and earn more. Remember that the more active miners you have in your network, the higher revenue you get! Be proactive and receive a stable long-term income!

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