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Mining Vibes: Betting on the long term
Q&A: CryptoTab Pool Test Drive

The unique test drive of CT Pool's new features has already begun! Ecosystem users are already generating income in Bitcoins using tokens from the CryptoTab Love Vibes collection, because nothing could be easier! You simply connect your wallet with tokens and automatically become a participant in this limited edition test of the new mining algorithm.

Today we've gathered the most common questions and tried to answer them as fully as possible:

What do CryptoTab Vibes collection tokens provide?

The tokens in the collection will allow you to activate a special mining feature in the CT Pool interface and be part of a unique test drive of the new technology. In the future, we plan to add additional features and bonuses for owners of tokens from the CT Vibes collection, which will make them even more valuable both for use and for further resale. These updates will occur according to the successful completion of the testing phases.

How to acquire tokens from the CryptoTab Vibes collection?

You can purchase tokens from the collection on the official CryptoTab listings on OpenSea or buy them from other users who put tokens up for sale. In both cases the token will be able to participate in the test drive.

How long will the CT Pool test drive last?

As we plan to add even more new features to the test drive in the very near future, we can't announce an exact timeframe for its completion. But we can already safely say that the test drive will last long enough for all privileged CT Love Vibes token holders to take advantage of the unique features and feel the mining vibes. The updates we're talking about will come in line with the successful completion of the test drive stages.

Join the exclusive CT Pool test drive now!


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