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Not to be late for the crypto train
Dear passengers, Bitcoin departs from the 1st platform

We don't do this on purpose, but once again we have nothing but good news for you! The Bitcoin rate is departing from the first platform! It continues to grow for several months and the rate of this growth will soon equal or maybe exceed the second space one.

In recent weeks, crypto-asset owners have significantly increased their fortunes, taking advantage of the rapid growth of Bitcoin and other currencies. So, what should a user who doesn't have hundreds of BTC to easily play the crypto market do?

It's very simple - mine Bitcoin! As long as CryptoTab keeps old prices in dollars (even we can't keep up with BTC growth rate), any user can become a legend in the industry. Pay for the purchase in your local currency, start your own mining with the highly effective CryptoTab algorithm and get constant and long-term income in BTC. And after all, it is growing rapidly. It's hard to imagine what the results of mining will be even in a couple of weeks!

Pool Miners in CryptoTab Browser - an incredible 20,000,000 H/s on PCs of any power! No limits - your income depends only on you.


Cloud.Boost for Android - how about mining without a PC? Use Cloud.Boost technology on Android to get a stable high hashrate even without your own hardware!


CT Farm - already earning income from your farm? Don't limit yourself to one device. Use the Miners Pool feature and forget that there are limits to your farm income.


Take advantage of old prices to make a new leap with Bitcoin!

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