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Bitcoin's hyperspace leap
Better than gold: the first indicators of 2023 and the new ceiling of BTC

If you thought we were overreacting when we said that Bitcoin is the best investment for those planning to take a warm seat under the digital sun of the future. Two days ago the currency crossed the $30,000 USD threshold!

So, we can look at the statistics of the first three months of 2023. And guess what, the most profitable asset of the year is still Bitcoin. Since the beginning of the year, it has grown in value by more than 70% (and has no intention of stopping), overtaking real estate, gold and even the stock market in value.

Amid the current turbulence, the digital economy remains a major pillar of growth - fiat currencies are feverish, while the blockchain world continues to bring us new technological breakthroughs, interesting projects and big news.

If you didn't heed our advice last time, it's time to do so. Earning Bitcoin is even easier than just buying it.

And the easiest way to make a fortune in BTC is with Pool Mining technology. Why? Because all you need for that is a smartphone! Pool Miners are an opportunity to reach the tens of millions hashrate mark without the use of expensive hardware.

Choose CT Pool or CT Farm to suit your taste and enjoy long-term income in the world's most efficient currency, Bitcoin!



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