CryptoTab Browser is not mining, what should I do?

The common problem of why the mining can be stopped is that your antivirus software blocks CryptoTab Browser scripts. Namely, your security system (antivirus, adblocker and etc.) probably blocks mining script money.js. You need to add CryptoTab Browser or money.js to whitelist in your security system. Find «exceptions» or «whitelist» item in the menu of your security system and add money.js and to it. You may need to search for more detailed information about your antivirus specifics on the Internet.

Also, you can temporarily disable your antivirus software and restart mining to check if the problem still persists. If so, please try to whitelist CryptoTab Browser to start mining.

Alternatively, there is a possibility that your computer power is not sufficient for mining or something went wrong during installation process. You may try to restart your computer, remove CryptoTab Browser and install it again.

Please click on CryptoTab Browser item below after downloading to install the browser.
Open downloads list from above and click on CryptoTab Browser to install it on your computer