Invite new users and earn Bitcoins

Invite new people to CryptoTab Browser and get a percentage of their income up to the 10th level of referral network. You can earn more than 1 BTC per month!

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You will get percentage of the revenue from every active user of CryptoTab browser that followed your link to register. Your affiliate network will spread to encompass up to ten levels of friends.

Calculate how much you could earn monthly

How many friends you reffer 5
Lets say, each of them will tell 5 more friends
Calculate My Income
Your Friends Your Income
Monthly income in USD (approx.)
1st Round 15% $
2nd Round 10% $
3rd Round 5% $
4th Round 3% $
5th Round 2% $
6th Round 1% $
7th Round 0.5% $
8th Round 0.25% $
9th Round 0.125% $
10th Round 0.0625% $
Your friends and friends of them
Your monthly income could be:

How to start earning

Invite as many new users as you can. You will receive a percentage from the earnings of all users who joined using your personal link.

Share your personal link with others
People follow your link to install CryptoTab Browser
Motivate new referrals to use CryptoTab Browser everyday
Get rewarded in BTC equal to % of your referrals minings

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Easily start your promotion with thousands of high quality promo materials - banners, promo landings, images for posts in social and more.

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