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Use new promo - get the most out of the Affiliate
Lacking new promos for your mining network?

Some great news for you, guys! We’ve just released new promo texts for the Affiliate Program. Hurry up to grab the newest ones!

For those out of the loop, our Affiliate Program is an efficient way to raise your earnings! You invite new users to CryptoTab who start sharing your link with others and increase your profit afterward. So, share new catchy promos with your link on social media to involve new referrals in your mining network!

If you’re still missing out - it’s never late to join!

The earlier you use new promos - the better! Why? After a while, the texts usually become outdated and lose their attractiveness for your potential referrals. This way you attract them not so effectively as you could with the freshest texts. To get the most out of the Affiliate, check out new promos right now and choose your favorites!

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Veröffentlicht: 15. Januar 2021

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