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Mining is as profitable as it can get

Miners earn more than $1.5 billion

March has become a profitable month for miners. According to data collected by The Block Research, they have earned more than $1.5 billion in March. This is an impressive number and the highest income earned by the mining sector in just one month. The record high in March surpasses February when miners earned $1.36 billion in this sector. New performance numbers show that miners have over $1 billion for each of the three months in a row!

Also, this amount must be added to the $148 million in transaction fees paid by users who send transactions to the network so that they can be processed by miners faster. The higher the commission is, the less time it takes for miners to include it in the blockchain.

In addition, crypto data firm Glassnode had earlier stated that high miner revenue is “positive for the assurance of continued security for the Bitcoin protocol.”

The first quarter of 2021 seems to be especially good for miners, as their revenues are at a record and exceed $1 billion in January, February, and also in March. So, as you can see, this is undoubtedly good news! We urge you not to waste your time, but to take your earnings. And don't forget to use all the additional features that make your mining more efficient and profitable.

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